Contemporary Figurative Art

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Mix media on Canvas
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Country: UK

City: LiverPol

Putting the joy of painting into my work using the flow of my fingers and all of my hand. Feeling colour, shape, and fluidity, I also try to involve the phenomena related to weightlessness, flow or accident. As a method painter I like to paint to beats. Watching the paint move by itself within the runs and drips makes very interesting work, this can also show realms of energy, the joy of something unexpected. Much like an actor when I have researched my subject I become that emotion. My work has impasto strokes, I feel this gives an interesting view up close. I don't judge my work, I do not want perfection I want art that comes from within me


Liverpool Hope University. (BA hons) Liverpool community college: Fine Art artist, BTEC LEVEL 2 Diploma in Art & Design, A level Fine art & design, (B) Critical studies (A) level Art & design


The Art Gallery, Stanley road. Bootle

Group exhibition at Headspace@eggspace. Liverpool 13th December 2013 to 19th January 2014

Liverpool Art Collective Newsham Park Hospital 2014

Liverpool Art collective The Dome exhibition 10th & 12th April 2015


Curator of Liverpool Art Collective Newham park Hospital 2014

Curator of the Liverpool Art collective The Dome exhibition 2015

Commissions Contracted By Smokie Mo’s ENTERTAINMENT VENUES. Graphic posters for events Logo and poster work created for Kubes cakes.

Logo paper headings and Posters created for LPA lifts LTD.


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