Quarantine Creativity Challenge and Hope

The Art's Wings Forum  organized in Beni Mellal in partnership with the House of Culture in Beni Mellal and in cooperation with the International School of Fine Arts Escuela internaciona Sergio Ramos Guerrefo "in Venezuela and the Galerie Oyster in Pakistan Oyster and the Voice of Moroccans in New York in the United States of America and HD channel Brucellon in France and magazine Madarat for Culture, Arts and Palm Oasis in Morocco across the world is a virtual collective art exhibition bringing together artists from all continents under the slogan: "Quarantine: Creativity, Hope and Challenge"
And that from June 03, 2020 from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America to challenge the Covid 19 to make Morocco a station that embraces serious art within the framework of national unity with  our Moroccan Arab-Amazigh-African-Saharan identity ... Young students artists at the University of Moulay Soliman in Beni Mellal were also encouraged along with the owners of gallery  in Germany and Pakistan And America, Venezuela, and India .... to build their spirit of competition, ambition, self-confidence, pride in the Moroccan identity, and fighting religious extremism, along with more than 55 artists from 18 countries from all five continents........ the international  artist khira  jalil  and president  of Art's wings FORUM.....Morocco