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Watercolor on Paper
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Date of Birth:    1975 in Karachi, Pakistan.

Qualification:    1996  Four-Year Professional Diploma in Fine Arts Karachi School of Arts.

City: Karachi

Workshops  Conducted:

2003-2011  Textile Institute of Pakistan

2004-2010  Karachi School of Arts, Pakistan.

2011-2017  Indus Valley School Of & Architecture.


Solo Show:

2016  ARTCITI Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2012  Tanzara Art Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan.

2010  Art scene Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2008  Art scene Galleries, Karachi, Pakistan.

2008  Art Attack, Dubai.

2007  Native Art Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.

2007  Nomad Art Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan

2007  Clifton Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2006  Croweaters Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2006  Ejaz Art Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.

2005  Nomad Art Gallery, karachi, Pakistan.

2004  Clifton Art, Gallery, karachi, Pakistan.

2003  Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2002  Zainani Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

1998  Sheraton Hotel, Karachi, Pakistan.
Group Shows:

2014  ARTCITI Gallery, Karachi Pakistan.

2012  Hyderabad Dakin India.

2012  Bombay ICAC Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.

2012  Two Men Show, Ejaz, Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.

2012  Jeddah

2012  Group Show, Italy.

2012  Two Person Show Ocean Art Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.

2011  Participated in Group Show art Gallery, Florence, Italy.

2011  Singapore Artist Fusious from Pakistan.

2011  New York, Expo.

2011  IVS for Usman Ghauri.

2010  The DUST Exhibition New York; ICO Gallery, USA.

2010  Masqat Group Show By Ejaz Art Gallery.

2008  Selected by Pacific Asia Museum for Himalayan Festival, California, U.S.A

2008  Pakistan & Bangladesh artist, Delhi, India.

2008  Moods of Art, Organized by Native art Gallery, Pakistan and Art attack Gallery Dubai, U.A.E.

2007  South Asian / American Art Festival, Gallery Arrena 1, The Santa Monica Art studios, California, U.S.A., Organized by Zambeel Art Gallery.

2007  Indus Strokes, Organized by Ishi Jami and Retu Jain in association with Taj Mahal Palace and Towers, Mumbai, India.
2007  Gull Moher Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2007  Throw Winds, Organized by Ishi Jami and Retu Jain, London.

2006  15 Senior Artist, Clifton Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2006  20 Pakistani Artist Show, Hong Kong.

2006  Transcending Borders, Organized by Ejaz Gallery, Lahore and Ishi & Jami at ITC Maurya Sheraton, Delhi, India.

2006  Auction for Earthquake Victims by Ejaz Art Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.

2006  Auction for Earthquake Victims by HJunar Kada, Islamabad, Pakistan.

2006  Group Show at Louvre Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2006  Work for Siratt Arts, London, United Kingdom.

2005  25 Senior Artists at Clifton Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2004  8th National Exhibition, Lahore, Pakistan.

2001  Zainani Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

2000  Millennium Show at Ejaz Art Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.

1999  Co-opera Art Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.

1999  V.M. Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

1999  Urban Voice Show, Sheraton Hotel, Karachi, Pakistan.

1994  7th National Exhibition, Lahore, Pakistan.

1993  Water Color Exhibition, Arts Council, Karachi, Pakistan.

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