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Contemporary Art Work

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Mahwish Zahid is a born and raised artist who has completed her bachelor of Fine arts in ceramics major at L.C.W.U. in 2013.

She participate in group exhibition "Object of Inspiration"at Co-opera art gallery Lahore 2014.

. Participation in "calligraphy exhibition (2011)(2012)(2013) Allhamra Art Gallery Lahore

. Participation certificate "Calligraphy Competition"LCWU "LAHORE (1st prize)

Participation"Young Artist Exhibition "from Punjab art council (2012) (2013).

Participation in Expo Center Lahore organized by Tevta Government college of Technology Shadrah Lahore. (2014)

Participation in P.C hotel Lahore organized by Tevta Government college of technology shadrah Lahore.(2015).

Article published in Dawn newspaper "Working with following Lines" by Naeem Sindhu Lahore.(2016)

Participation in calligraphy exhibition Alhamra Center of Art and Culture Lahore (2022).


Nairang art gallery (Nayar Ali dada) calligraphy -wallpanel - table top etc.

. Purani Yadain (interior designer) (2014-2016)

Calligraphy - niche's -wallpanel -tabletops.

Private projects:

Wall - panel (DHA) Lahore.

99 names of Allah &99 names of Muhammad (PBUH) for mosque.

Corporate company logo (Nutec innovation) (sunny co) (Fuji) ( Newage cables) .

House number plate display in (Madina colony Chistian)


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