Contemporary Figurative Art

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Acrylic on Canvas
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Country: Jordon

Hussein Abdullah Nashwan Born in 1958 - Master of Education, University of Jordan, _ studying gifted students in the mental, physical and psychological dimensions. _Editor-in-chief / the cultural department of the Jordanian Al-Rai newspaper / formerly _Adviser to the Minister of Culture / Jordan _Editor-in-chief of the Arts Magazine / Ministry of Culture _Chairman of the Administrative Board of the Plastic Artists Association for the years 2017-2018 _Vice President of the Jordanian Writers Association 2013-2015 _Member of the Jordanian Journalists Syndicate _He has 24 books on critical studies in literature and plastic arts _He held about 15 personal exhibitions in Jordan, and participations in a number of Arab countries, including: Iraq, Bahrain, Morocco, Italy, and Thailand. _He was chosen as an expert in a number of plastic competitions _He participated in a number of plastic conferences.

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