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Oil on Canvas
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Cristina Daniele
Cordoba Argentina
Initial Level Teacher.
He began his artistic training in 2010, in Art Workshops for Adults of the U.N.C. with María Cristina Cervai, Ramiro Vázquez and Emiliano Arias.
He attended workshops by Juan Carlos Vargas Jordán, Israel David Gómez Prax, Moreno Ugo, Carolina Rogé and Roger Mantegani.
He attended seminars for prominent artists.
He donated a work to the “El Quijote de madera” Foundation in the Dominican Republic.
He exhibited in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Italy, Spain, Turkey and more Latin American countries.
He received a special mention in three exhibitions
Topics and techniques: horses in oil; silhouettes stained with fat tempera.
Today he works on the series "Animal de poder".

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